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Scilla   is a small town nestled between the mountains and the sea and the village of Chianalea is almost totally prohibited, for non-residents, to traffic.
Scilla is very easy to get to either by car, exit Scilla Motorway A3 Salerno-Reggio Calabria train, station Scylla, or boat, landing at the port.    
The B & B Chianalea 54 is at the center of the village of Scilla, a few steps from the sea, the road leading to the castle. Walk is from 50 to 200 meters from any access.
Warning:   almost  The entire village of Chianalea is closed to traffic, except for authorized machines with cash. The streets are very narrow and can be difficult to manage, ounces Entered into restricted areas, maneuver to exit.
During the summer, for a few Euros, is a service of minicab, features apecarrozzino, Which, even if they are a few minutes walk, you to the B & B or around the country.

How to reach the B & B:
drive  > Output  Scilla Motorway A3 Salerno-Reggio Calabria.  The Easiest route, without getting into the high country, is shown in the map below "parking area recommended" that takes you to the open space of the Church of St. Joseph site at The Beginning, the north side of the village of Chianalea.
If you use the navigator sets [  Via Annunziata Scylla 119]  From this point the B & B is about 200 meters, less than 10 minutes on foot.
During the summer there is a service of  minicab  That with few euro accompanies you .
always in the car> 
is possible to reach the  square of the port of Scylla.  Problematic find a place in the high season, Relatively free in the other months.  From this point the B & B is about 200 meters, less than 10 minute walk away.
' s railway station Scilla> 
B & B is about 900 meters, about 15 minutes walk. Even from here minicab active service  or  if available we will pick us . If you use long-distance trains>  is preferable to use as the arrival station of Villa San Giovanni from this there are local trains take you to That Scilla (10 minutes) or ask us to arrange private transfers by car agreement.

Boat   from May to September is an active park buoys. Call for reservations or information.
airplane   The nearest airport is Reggio Calabria . It is about 20 km, half an hour journey by car. We have a taxi service That We provide you with an agreement to transfer
  in blackberries Airport in 1 hour - 100 km - Allows you to reach Scylla is to Lamezia Terme . From the airport to the train station by taxi takes a few minutes. From the station of Lamezia, in summer, there are many local trains stop at the station That of Scylla.    

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