Photos Scilla and Chianalea

The rock of Scylla, the eternal guardian of the Strait of Messina separates the beach of Marina Grande from the village of Chianalea.

On the one hand a long beach with equipped beaches interspersed with beach: Marina Grande . Ice cream parlors, restaurants, kiosks with sandwiches and fresh fruit, pizzerias to offer every comfort including a bathroom and another.   

I do not think the  bathhouse where you feel trapped in compulsive activity. The shores, where two chairs and an umbrella cost about € 10,00 per day, is simply a area in which the services are greater. Snack bars, coffee and ice cream served under the umbrella, a play area for children or adults, a pedal boat or canoe, the showers ...  But it is customary to walk along the beach to meet friends or find new ones .

On the other side of the fortress joined by a road that runs below the castle the village of Chianalea . Few houses built between the slopes of the Aspromonte and the sea. Narrow alleys, stairs that climb to the high country. fountains, and everywhere, the sea.  

The marina, with the typical "bridges" for hunting swordfish, fishing boats with their typical colors, and a summer camp buoys for boats from the port.
Especially a place to meet and ancient crafts. 
Fishermen repairing a network, repaint a boat, preparing a line. In the summer, interspersed with groups of less clothes, guests ready to take off to get to one of the many hidden beaches and rocky coves. Both with one love: the enchanted sea strait. 

What about the many restaurants in the summer for mountain Chianalea magnificent sea platforms. Imagine a dinner at night with the lights shining on the sea and ...... 
you, you who walks through the narrow streets. The sound of the surf, the smell of the sea, thousands of places that open on the waters of the strait.

A small Italian town in a spring morning is a masterpiece that should hoist a flag as to tell the world that we are better than you think ..... The sea is one that, at a certain age, you have to try: challenging the storms, fearing the calm, avoiding the wreck.  Beppe Severgnini Corriere della Sera
Scilla fascinates you with its beaches, the fishing village, the ancient traditions, churches and castle sicurmente but the spectacle of the most fascinating is the sea.
Harbors a mysterious underwater world, charming and bright colors, rich in biodiversity.